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(All coffee served at Be Bold Cafe's is a single origin medium, roasted by No Label Coffee. See "about" to learn more)


Flat White 4/4.5/5

Latte 4/4.5/5

Cappuccino 4/4.5/5

Long Black 3.5/4

Espresso 3

Macchiato 3/4

Iced Coffee 4.5 


(All Tea Served in  2 cup pot) 

Granny's Garden 4 

Invigorate 4

Japanese Evening Mist 4

Ginger Kiss 4

Yorkshire Breakfast 4

French Earl Grey 4

Punjabi Chai 4

Lemongrass and Ginger 4

Sticky Chia Tea 4.5 


Chia Latte 4/4.5/5

Dirty Chia 4/4.5/5


Golden Immunity 7.95/ 9.95 (ginger, turmeric, honey, pepper, lemon, coconut water) 

Holy Cacao 7.95/ 9.95 (Banana, dates, cacao, cinnamon, milk) 

Green Machine 7.95/ 9.95 (kale, banana, mango, coconut water) 

Coco-berrylicious 7.95/ 9.95 (mixed berries, banana, coconut milk, coconut yoghurt)

Bottled Drinks   

We stock a variety of bottled drinks.